About Us

Our Focus is on Merging Technology and Real Estate….

The Internet Of Things

The arrival of new technology is obviously a crucial point of concern in an era of innovation and discovery. There is confusion around the web 3.0 & IoT and how to use them. Web 3.0 obviously offers an innovative playground for new applications along with the benefits of transparency, immutability, and efficiency.

It’s time to reconsider the idea of technology being in the “cloud”…. We should reimagine the internet of things in the 3d and 4d space.

Newave Enterprise Is an award winning, socially driven and environmentally responsible company that works in tandem with NEPAPAC, the NEPA Black Chamber of Commerce and the Afree foundation. Newave Enterprise supplies housing for these institutions at its Africa Freedom Mall location in west Scranton. Newave Enterprise also owns Freedom Land located in the downtown Scranton area where it conducts scientific experiments with its University partners and community training on how to clean and care for the environment. In the last three years it has shifted focus by designing urban infrastructure projects combining the use of unconventional real estate price control mechanisms, blockchain technology and creative/conservatory real estate development practices. Newave Enterprise facilitates financial viability of new green construction by rehabilitating blighted properties within the environmental justice areas via land banks in conjunction with blockchain application development to create additional revenue streams to cover its costs.

Newave Enterprise is a trusted company and has strong ties in the Lackawanna and Luzerne county area. Its partners include (but are not limited to) Penn State, Scranton University, Geisinger Medical School, Miserocordia, The City of Scranton, NAACP (luzerne and lackawanna chapters) the Willow Foundation, Food dignity, Scranton Area Foundation.