What we do

Develop technological innovations to facilitate healthy social interactions:

  • The use of block chain technology Allows people to connect with others across time zones and cultural differences, leading to new friendships, collaborations, and long-distance relationships using web 3.0
  • Exposure to diverse viewpoints discussions and social media interactions can help people foster critical thinking and communication skills in a safe manner.

Designs creative real estate models which allow for lowering of thresholds:

  • Using unorthodox rental models allow for the removal of market pressures which result in exorbitant rents. Rents are pegged to median household income which restores balance to the work, home lifestyle.
  • Home purchases will be under the same model. But will incur more stricter regulations to avoid reselling of properties.

Create Channels to achieve lowering of thresholds includes areas such as green energy and retail. The goal of social innovation is to focus on quality of social interactions and use technology to help facilitate its health.

Big ideas are needed to fix social ills and economic problems! Solutions are as big as our imagination allows!

Use of block chain technology creatively within the real estate space can help facilitate positive change.

Creating apps and software that focuses on entertainment and security in the technology space.